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Top 5 Sit Stand Desk Types in 2024: Find Your Perfect Fit with This Guide

sit stand desk

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who stand long live long.” A sit-stand desk offers a ladder to productivity and ergonomics bliss, but choosing the right one is key.

In this post, we’ll explore 5 different types of standing desks to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started. 

What are the Different Types of Sit Stand Desks Available in the Market?

Electric sit stand desks come in a variety of types, each offering unique features to meet different needs. The most common types include: 

1. Fixed Standing Desk

fixed standing desk
fixed standing desk

As the name suggested, they are standing desks that can’t adjust their height. These desks remain at a single, predesigned height, and you have to work while standing in one spot.

Pros and Cons of Fixed Standing Desks:

ProsConsWho They’re For 
Simple and affordable No flexibility; stuck at one heightBudget-conscious individuals
More stable and sturdy because there are no moving partsStanding for extended periods can lead to fatiguePeople with limited space
Ideal for smaller spaces Limited functionalityThose who enjoy standing

2. Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

Mige Electric Sit Stand Desk
Mige Electric Sit Stand Desk
Sendi electric sit stand desk

These are desks that can be easily adjusted in height using electric motors, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing with ease. Height-adjustable standing desks often come with features like digital keypad touch control and preset height options. Height adjustment mechanisms can be electric, gas lift or manually adjusted.

Pros and Cons of Electric Standing Desks:

ProsConsWho They’re For 
Switch between sitting and standing  More expensiveBudget-conscious individuals
Adjustable heightMotors and electronics may require maintenance or repairsPeople who want flexibility
Come with additional features like memory settings, and anti-collision sensorsSome models can take up more space Those who value ergonomics
Ergonomic benefits like improving posture, reducing back painPower-dependent Users who spend long hours working

3. Desk Converters or Risers

desk converters or risers
desk converters or risers

These platforms are designed to be placed on top of your existing desk to create an adjustable standing surface. They allow you to raise and lower your monitor, keyboard, and other essentials so you can switch between sitting and standing with ease. Desk converters come in various designs like platform style, split-level style, and Z-frame style. Smaller, streamlined models are popular for home offices. 

Pros and Cons of Sit-Stand Platforms:

ProsConsWho They’re For 
Much more budget-friendlyLimited height adjustment rangeBudget-conscious individuals
Work with any existing deskStability concernsPeople with limited spaces
Space-savingLimited workspaceRenters or temporary workers
Some models are lightweight and portableMight lead to cable management issuesAnyone who want to try out the sit-stand lifestyle
Ergonomic benefitsLimited features Anyone who wants to try out the sit-stand lifestyle

4. Corner Cut Sit Stand Desk

Corner Cut Sit Stand Desk
L-shaped sit-stand desk
Corner Cut Sit Stand Desk

Corner sit-stand desks are a specific type of adjustable desk designed for corners. They are typically L-shaped desks with a cut-out section at the corner, offering a practical space-saving solution for limited workspaces. 

Pros and Cons of Corner Cut Sit-Stand Desks:

ProsConsWho They’re For 
Ideal for multitasking and complex projectsCan be more expensivePeople with limited spaces
Ample surface areaStability concernsMultitaskers
Space-savingInstallation complexityThose who value ergonomics
Variety of stylesLoss of wall spaceThose who appreciate a unique aesthetic
Improved ergonomicsMay restrict under-desk storage Those who work with multiple screens

5. Exercise Desks

Exercise desks are a unique blend of furniture and fitness equipment, allowing you to work while engaging in some light physical activities. They come in various forms such as under-desk treadmills for walking or jogging, or integrated wobble boards to promote subtle movement while standing.

Pros and Cons of Exercise Desks:

ProsConsWho They’re For 
Increased calorie burningCan be more expensiveSedentary workers
Improved focus and energySafety concernsPeople looking for ways to stay active
Reduced back painDistractionMultitaskers
Stress reliefSpace limitationsPeople with back pain or posture issues
Mood enhancementMaintenance needs

3 Best Electric Standing Desks for Various Styles and Budgets 

1. Mige Sit Stand Desk with Under-Desk Cable Management 

Mige Electric Sit Stand Desk
Mige Electric Sit Stand Desk

2. Sendi Height Adjustable Standing Desk 

Comes with a Concealed Angled Surface for Typing or Writing

sendi sit to stand office workstation
Sendi sit-to-stand office desk

3. Astra Luxury Sit Stand Executive Office Desk with Wireless Charging 

ASTRA modern executive office desks
Astra height-adjustable executive desk

Final Thoughts 

With so many sit-stand desks available in the market, the possibilities are endless. Consider your needs, explore different models, and find the desk that will elevate your workspace and create healthier, happier workdays.

So, are you ready to ditch the chair and try out the stand-up lifestyle? Explore the world of sit-stand desks and take control of your health and productivity!

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