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Electric Sit Stand Desk: A Quick Guide on Common Issues and Maintenance Tips 

standing office desk

Stuck in limbo? Your electric sit stand desk might be playing tricks.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamt of an ultra-productive day, then face-planted back to reality on your trusty (yet slightly glitchy) electric sit-stand desk. That’s the joy of modern technology. Electric height adjustable desks have gained increasing popularity among office workers or individuals looking to improve their posture and ergonomics. However, these desks can sometimes experience some common issues, such as wonky height adjustments, wobbles, and grinding noises. 

But fear not. In this blog, we will discuss the most common problems with electric sit-stand desks. Plus, we’ll provide useful tips on how to maintain and care for them to ensure long-lasting performance. 

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What are the Most Common Issues with Electric Sit-Stand Desks?

Electric Sit Stand Desk
Electric Sit Stand Desk

1. Desk Getting Stuck

The desk may stop going up or down due to obstruction. Look for anything that might be blocking the legs from moving freely, such as wires, cables, or other objects mounted above the desk. Many standing desks feature anti-collision detection to automatically detect potential obstacles or prevent the desk from going too high or too low.

Uneven legs can also be an issue. If your desk has multiple motors, the legs might be out of sync and unusable due to their use.

2. Motor Failure

Electronic components can fail, resulting in a non-functioning desk.

Motor burnout is the most common failure, especially with cheap or heavily used desks. The constant up-and-down movement of a standing desk can wear them out more quickly. This can result in slow or uneven movement, noise, or the desk becoming stuck in one position.

If your desk doesn’t respond to button presses, moves erratically, or makes strange noises, control box failure could turn out to be the culprit.

Additionally, loose or damaged wires can also prevent the desk from functioning properly. Signs of wiring problems include intermittent movement, flickering lights, or worse – the desk not turning on at all.

3. Loss of Power

The desk may temporarily lose power, causing it to malfunction.


Common power issues:

  • Unplugged cord: The most apparent one. Make sure the cable is securely plugged into both the desk and the power outlet. Sometimes, loose connections or accidental collisions can cause them to disconnect.
  • Faulty outlet: Try plugging the desk into a different outlet to see if the problem still occurs. Faulty outlets can sometimes stop supplying power.
  • Overloaded circuit: Too many devices plugged into the same circuit might overload it and cut off power. Try unplugging other devices to see if power comes back to your desk.
  • Reset mode: Some desks will go into a reset mode after losing power, especially if plugged back in quickly. This may limit their functionality to lowering only until manually reset. You can your desk manual for specific instructions.
  • Overloading: Some electric sit-stand desks have limited lifting capacity. This can be an issue for users with heavy equipment. Your desk may slow down or burn out if overloaded with too much weight.

4. Slow Motorized Lifts

The standing desk lift may be slow, disrupting your workflow and affecting productivity and convenience. Potential culprits include low voltage, overloaded circuits, weak batteries, overloading, uneven legs, lubrication issues, etc.

5. Noise

Some electric sit-stand desks can be loud, which can be a distraction in a work environment. The source of the noise may be the electric motors, friction between the desk legs and columns, or items on the desks bumping together during adjustments.

What are the Maintenance and Care Requirements for an Electric Sit Stand Desk?

To keep your electric sit stand desk in good performance, regular maintenance is needed. Here are some maintenance and care tips:

standing desk
electric standing desk

1. Clean the Desk Regularly

Dust and debris can build up on the desk surface and motor, affecting its performance.

Wipe all areas of the desk with a damp cloth to remove dust and avoid it accumulating on the motor and other components.

2. Avoid Obstructions

Make sure that there are no objects above or below the desk that could interfere with its movement. For safety and smooth operation, clear your desk from any obstructions before operating it.

3. Check for Uneven Legs

If the desk legs are uneven, the control box can detect the height difference and stop the desk from moving to prevent further damage.

4. Reset the Desk

If the desk is stuck or does not work properly, try to reset the desk according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubricate the electric lift to ensure smooth operation and to prevent rusting or rubbing.

6. Avoid Liquid Spills

Avoid splashing liquids on the motor, as it can cause motor failure.

7. Handle Scratches with Care

Scratches and dents on the table should be treated with care. Polish the area, then place a piece on a clean cloth and wipe away the scratches and dents.

8. Avoid Sitting on the Desk

Never sit on the desk, even if you are lighter than the maximum weight allowed.

9. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions for assembling, using, and caring for your electric standing desk.

By following these maintenance and care tips, you can extend your desk’s lifespan and keep its adjustments smooth and seamless. Taking a few minutes in these care tips pays off big time!

3 Top-Quality Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks to Choose From

1. Mige Electric Sit Stand Desk

Mige Electric Sit Stand Desk

Features You’ll Love:

  • – Sleek deisgn
  • – Easy height adjustment with 4 preset buttons
  • – Low noise
  • – Large tabletop and sturdy desk feet
  • – Under desk cable management 
  • – Available in black and white colors

2. Sendi White Electric Sit Stand Desk

Sendi electric sit stand desk

Features You’ll Love:

  • – Minimalist deisgn
  • – Easy height adjustment with 4 preset options
  • – Expansive work surface and robust feet
  • – Optional acoustic desk panel

3. Meetco Adjustable Gaming Desk

Meetco Adjustable Gaming Desk

Features You’ll Love:

  • – Stylish, modern design
  • – Easy-to-use height-adjustment system
  • – comes with a handy cup holder and a hook for headphones or other items
  • – Cable management
  • – Cable clips to keep cables tidy
  • – Water-resistant, anti-scratch and easy-to-clean


This guide has explored the common issues with standing desks and offered useful maintenance and care tips. Armed with these suggestions, you can keep your desk running smoothly, and create a productive, ergonomic workspace.