Office Furniture Solution

Coco Workspace

    Adapt on Demand

    The Coco collection is your invitation to a dynamic and playful office environment, where desks, sofas, storage, and privacy blend harmoniously. Mix, match, and reconfigure your space effortlessly, ensuring that it always aligns with your unique requirements.

    Everything You Need to Transform Your Workspace

    Functionality for any office

    • L-shaped or free-standing design
    • Comprehensive storage
    • For private offices, open workspaces and beyond
    executive desk

    Aesthetics meets versatility

    • Modular design for flexible configurations
    • Fixed-height or sit-to-stand benching solutions
    • Dynamic storage for different needs
    • A variety of desk screens

    Support diverse activities

    • Versatile table selection: conference tables, coffee tables, side tables, desks on wheels, and more
    • Cater to your ever-changing workflow

    Relax, collaborate, connect

    • Modular design for endless combinations
    • Private or semi-private spaces to relax & collaborate
    • A range of panel heights and shapes for flexible configurations
    • A variety of colors to choose from

    Store in style

    • Comprehensive storage options: mobile pedestals, bookshelves, filing cabinets, lockers, etc.
    • Simple yet beautiful design that fits any office design

    Private, yet not isolated

    • An array of privacy panels and screens for desks and sofas
    • A range of colors and shapes
    • Reduce noise and distractions without hindering interactions

    Home for Teams

    The Coco collection creates flexible, comfortable, and inspiring team environments. With adaptable work surfaces, versatile storage, and power connectivity, every piece fits together to meet unique needs. Here, teams unite, ideas flourish, and innovation thrives—an adaptable space that nurtures warmth and a strong sense of belonging, evolving seamlessly with your team.

    coco collection team spaces
    coco workspace

    Reimage Open-Plan Office Dynamics

    Today’s work demands agility, from focused tasks to meetings and calls. The Coco system answers this need. With modular components, you become the designer of your office layout. Effortlessly blend elements to craft individual workstations, team hubs, collaborative zones, and beyond. The result? An ever-adaptive workspace in perfect sync with your needs.

    Solo + Team

    With the Coco collection, you can effortlessly toggle between solo and team modes. Whether you need focused “Me” time or the dynamic energy of “We” spaces, it’s all within your reach. Coco offers people the spaces, tools, and tech for seamless shifts between different work modes. Focus, collaborate, connect, and relax – it’s your workspace, offering the best of both worlds.

    coco collection workspace

    For Health, Better Ideas, Get Active

    The Coco collection champions a healthier and more innovative work life with its remarkable flexibility and mobility. Whether it’s fixed-height workstations, sit-to-stand desks, or mobile solutions, these tools empower you to seamlessly switch postures and activities. Embrace movement, enhance focus, and inspire better ideas, all while staying actively engaged throughout your workday.

    Office Workstations for Anyone

    See how Coco Workspace can work for you.

    Creates spaces where you can buckle down and get things done without interruption.

    Gather with your team to brainstorm, share, debate, and shape ideas into reality.

    More comfortable, casual, and social. Create spaces where you can relax or connect with others.

    Join Us in Shaping the Future of Work

    Unleash your creativity, foster collaboration, and build connections like never before with Coco.

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