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Why You Need a Modern Study Table

modern study table

A study table is a must for anyone who works from home or wants to keep their work life and personal life separate. The study desk design should have plenty of storage space and fit well with the room’s dcor.

According to Vastu, a study table should be placed a few inches away from the wall to ensure airflow. This sleek study table has closed cabinets above it for storage and features an attached TV unit to keep you entertained.

modern study table

modern study table

1. Simple White Study Table

Simple study tables look great in a minimalist interior. They go with the overall grey colour theme of the room and also provide an uncluttered workspace that is ideal for students. They are available in different materials and finishes, so you can pick the one that matches your home’s décor.

If you want to make sure your home office or bedroom is organised, then you can choose a simple white study table from Mohh. This modern table comes with a drawer to store essentials and a cabinet with frosty white finish door that adds more storage space. It has a spacious tabletop to accommodate your laptop and stationary items. This modern study table can double up as a dining table for when you need a quick snack. It is made from premium engineered wood that guarantees longevity.

2. Bookshelf Study Table

If you’re a book worm, this study table with bookshelf design is ideal for you. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides plenty of space to store all your favourite novels and encyclopedias.

This modern study table is wall-mounted and features a wooden top with a striped chair that complements it perfectly. Its neutral colours evoke a sense of discipline and focus, making it the perfect choice for students.

The Cory study table from Mohh is made of acacia wood for better strength and durability. It has drawers and open compartments that make it easy to find your items. Moreover, it’s also available in other color options like natural oki and white oak to suit your room dcor. Moreover, it has a minimal design that eliminates clutter and makes it easier to work.

3. Simple Minimalist Study Table

With work from home becoming a norm, people are looking for ways to make their workspace organised and professional. One of the key elements to do this is by using a modern study table. These tables come in different sizes and designs, so you can find the right one for your needs. They can be customised with a bookshelf or drawers, depending on your preferences.

For those who prefer a minimalist approach, this simple wooden study table is the perfect choice. It fits in a corner space without taking up too much room, and its sleek design makes it look stylish. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, which is a must for any good study desk. The desk should also be placed a few inches away from the wall, as per Vastu, to allow airflow.

4. Study Table with Attached TV Unit

Whether you want to display your favourite showpieces or utilise the space under the study table for storage, this design is a perfect pick. The top part of the study table can be used to write while the lower shelves are suited for books and other decorative items.

For all the travellers who aspire to explore the world and keep their spirits high, this modern study table will definitely motivate you. It features a backsplash with the map of the world and multiple drawers to store stationery.

This is a minimal study table design ideal for small spaces as it is wall-mounted and doesn’t take up much floor area. This also makes it easy to access all your essentials when you are working. The best thing about this design is that it can be extended when you are in need of more space.

5. Study Table with Backsplash

A good study table is one of the most important furniture pieces in a home. It helps to develop rigour and discipline in kids by making homework and studies more interesting. Innovative study tables also help to improve the productivity of students.

The perfect study table should be suitable for the size of a room and should look aesthetically co-ordinated with the furniture in the room. It should be of a height that is comfortable for studying and working for long periods of time. It is also important to have a chair that is adjustable for different heights and angles so that you can sit comfortably.

At Mohh, you can find modern wall mounted study tables made from oak wood that promise sturdiness and durability. There are also designs of study tables online that use natural acacia for their tabletops.

6. Study Table with Wooden Rolling Chair

If you need to study or work for long durations, then a modern study table is essential. It ensures that you are sitting in a comfortable position for the whole time, avoiding any health issues.

A good quality modern study desk should also be easy to maintain. If you have a cluttered workspace, it will distract you from getting work done. Make sure you keep all your materials in one place so that they are easy to find.

At Wooden Street, we offer several designs of contemporary study tables that will suit your needs and style. We have a range of options from wood to engineered wood. We also have some modern study desks that feature a keyboard tray, making it easier to view your screen and type. Browse through our collection of modern study tables online to get started.

7. Study Table with Artful Presentation

A study table is a great addition to any room as it looks aesthetic and also helps you be productive. If you want to enhance your home office or work from home experience, then you should consider getting one of the best modern study tables online.

This premium-quality engineered wood Stanis study table features a cabinet with frosty white finish door and open bookshelves that provide plenty of storage space to keep your study table organized. Pair it with an armchair for comfort and enjoy working or studying at a high level of productivity.

For those who love to entertain themselves as they read, this modern study table with a TV stand is the perfect fit. It comes with a television, so you can sit and read as the show plays on in the background. You can buy this designer wooden study table from Mohh and get it delivered to your doorstep with hassle-free online shopping.

8. Study Table with Natural Light

Studying in a well-lit space is a great way to increase productivity and focus. However, the lighting should be positioned to avoid direct light on computer screens as it can cause eye strain. A dimmer switch can help you adjust the lighting to your liking.

A pendant light is a stylish and affordable option for study table lighting. It hangs from the ceiling and can be positioned to cast light on the table without causing any eye strain. It also saves space and looks stunning in a modern study room.

Having a dedicated work area is essential for focusing on your tasks and staying productive. Create a comfortable study space by choosing the right modern study table design for your needs and style. Then, add a few other pieces to complete the look. You’ll be ready to get down to business!

9. Study Table with Colorful Shelves

A fun bookshelf study table for book worms, let your novels and encyclopaedias find their rest on this cute modern desk. It is a simple desk that is perfect for those who prefer the minimalist style of interior design. It is made with wood and outfitted with a striped armchair. It is a modest desk that is ideal for those who like discipline and sophistication.

Whether you are buying it for yourself or your kids, a sleek contemporary study table will help you work efficiently and keep the mess away from your workspace. At Mohh, we have a wide range of modern wall-mounted study tables in varied designs and colours to suit your needs. Buy one today, get it delivered to your home with a hassle-free online shopping experience. Also, you can always return it if it does not fit well in your space.

10. Study Table with Pastel Colours

If you are a reader and like to have entertainment running in the background as you read this modern study table design is ideal for you. It comes with a TV unit attached so that you can sit comfortably in the armchair and absorb yourself in your book while you watch your favourite show.

A well-designed study table is essential for those who want to achieve great academic results and a good life balance. The right color, shape and material of the study table can make or break a student’s ability to concentrate and grasp knowledge. It is also recommended that you place your study table away from a wall as per Vastu to prevent negative energy from affecting your focus and concentration. You should also ensure that the study table is not placed in specific directions such as the east of southeast, south of northwest and west of north-west.