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Office cubicles have changed dramatically over the last few decades. In the past, cubicles were basic, two-drawer units containing a computer and other necessary supplies for a business. With advances in office furniture design, these traditional office cubicles can now be outfitted with a variety of amenities to make them more productive. Here’s a look at some of the changes you can expect to see in office cubicles over the next few years:

Increased functionality. Due to advancements in office cubicle furniture sets, users can expect to find more functionality in their cubicles. A typical cubicle is often partially open to neighboring workstations, so employees can keep their work comfortable while still being able to see the rest of the office space. In the newer office furniture sets, however, the partition can be closed completely, leaving just one side open. This allows employees to work in close proximity to one another without being distracted by the noise of other conversations going on in the neighboring cubicles. Because of this, cubicle workers can spend more time working, and less time waiting for the opening to open, which can improve worker efficiency.


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More space. While office cubicles in the past were usually cube or shaped formations, new cubicle design trends are making it possible to find office cubicles with many different shapes and sizes. This means that you don’t need to buy an office space that’s too small to meet your needs. In fact, even office cubicles designed to be the largest possible space out of all the cubicles in your office can be fitted with larger workstation office furniture sets. This will allow you to free up floor space and add more productivity to your workday.

Many styles. There are a lot of styles of office cubicles available, which gives you plenty of choices when it comes to the furniture that you need to fit your office. You can choose from modular office cubicles, L-shaped office cubicles, corner cubicles, high top desks, low top desks, and executive office cubicles. Depending on what your specific office needs are, there’s likely an office furniture manufacturer that offers just what you’re looking for. Also, most office furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of modular office cubicles so you’re not stuck choosing from one single type of cubicle. Keep in mind that your office environment will ultimately affect which style of office furniture you need to choose, so be sure to also consider storage options, including shelves and drawers.

Productivity Boosting Features. Because cubicles are increasing in popularity for businesses of all kinds, it’s important that you find the right office cubicles that will allow you to maximize productivity. Some office furniture manufacturers offer features like computer carts, whiteboards, printers, fax machines, and even waste bins so you can get more out of your workspace. These can be great for smaller offices because they’ll take up less space and make using them more efficient, especially if your employees won’t be using them much. Additionally, some manufacturers will also install video surveillance so you can see your employees in action, instantly improving the level of productivity in your workplace. While these features may seem more expensive initially, they will eventually pay for themselves thanks to increased productivity and lower healthcare costs for your employees.

Affordable Options. When choosing office cubicles, it’s important to get good value for money. Fortunately, as demand for cubicles has increased, the number of companies manufacturing them has risen as well, resulting in more affordable office cubicles that are still able to provide all the features and advantages mentioned above. However, before buying, be sure to also compare prices between different office cubicles so you know that you’re getting the best deal.