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As a manufacturer of furniture, you must consider different demographics and markets to produce furniture that appeals to the needs of your target audience. In addition to designing innovative designs and using sustainable materials, you must invest in new designs and processes. This article explores some of the major players in the furniture industry. You can learn more about Gustav Stickley, LJ Gascho, Haworth, and Sutherlan Store Engineering and Fixture Company.

LJ Gascho

The LJ Gascho Furniture Company was established in 1986 in a small rural Michigan community. The company is dedicated to handcrafting heirloom quality furniture right on the farm. Lyle Gascho began his woodworking career at a small shop in northern Indiana, working alongside Amish and Mennonite craftsmen. After working with these craftsmen, he returned to his family farm in Michigan and began producing furniture himself.

LJ Gascho Furniture employs more than a thousand people in New York City. Despite the financial stress on the company, a free online business intelligence site like IndustrySelect can be used to find a reliable supplier. By submitting your company’s information on a search engine, you will move up the search results and receive buyer inquiries from potential buyers. LJ Gascho Furniture offers a comprehensive range of furnishings that can be custom-designed to fit your needs.

The LJ Gascho Furniture Company is made up of 22 small woodshops run by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen. These craftspeople use solid red oak and maple in their furniture. They also use solid maple to build pedestal feet, which feature adjustable levelers that are hidden inside the pedestal itself. Round table skirts and rims are made from solid woods, while round chair backs are steam bent from solid oak.

Sutherlan Store Engineering and Fixture Company

Since 1945, the Sutherlan Store Engineering and Fixture Co. has been manufacturing store fixtures and shelving systems. With the advent of supermarkets, there was a huge demand for such items as checkout stations and shelving. William Sutherlan started his company in 1945 and made use of readily available materials to meet this demand. By 1954, the company had grown to 140 employees. Its products are used in a wide range of industries, including retail and residential homes.


The Haworth furniture manufacturer was founded by Gerrard W. Haworth, who had studied at Western Michigan University and the University of Michigan. After graduating from college, Haworth started teaching industrial arts at a high school in Holland, Michigan. His goal was to supplement his family’s income through his teaching. To accomplish this goal, he started a part-time business in his garage, producing wood products. Over the next ten years, he received numerous orders for his wooden products, and the Haworth company was born.

By the early 1990s, Haworth had quadrupled in size, and was spending less on administrative and sales. The company was also known for undercutting competitors by lowering prices. One New York furniture distributor described this policy as “saving customers 71% off of competitors’ prices.” This strategy resulted in the Haworth furniture manufacturer winning 65 percent of the new contract business in 1996. In addition to making furniture for the home, Haworth also made office chairs, seating and raised access floors.

The company has acquired several companies over the years, expanding its product range. In 2000, Haworth purchased Smed International, which sold $192 million in Canada. The company hopes the deal will increase sales. In addition to Poltrona Frau, Haworth has also acquired the luxury furniture manufacturers Cassina and Cappellini. In 1992, Haworth bought Globe Business Furniture, a manufacturer of seating. The company was headquartered in Hendersonville, Tennessee. In 1992, it had estimated sales of $100 million.

The Haworth furniture company’s growth began when John Haworth first started working in the wood shop at age 15. He had studied engineering at the University of Michigan and became an assistant sales manager after graduating from the school. He was promoted to vice-president of research and development within two years. In the meantime, he served in the U.S. Army, and he was a proud father. He has a son named Richard Haworth, who later became president of Modern Products.

Gustav Stickley

The American designer Gustav Stickley was a pioneer in the furniture industry. His designs reflected an aesthetic and design philosophy based on socialism and environmental conservation. The Craftsman style featured simple, elegant design elements, and Stickley’s own fairy tale upbringing played a major role in his career. His company, Gustav Stickley, incorporated these ideas into all of its products. Gustav Stickley was responsible for many of the iconic pieces in the world today.

When he was only 40 years old, Stickley met Eda Ann Simmons, a young woman who had been sent away to a convent when her mother passed away. The two developed a friendship through letters, and they married in 1883. The couple’s marriage became public news, and the magazine Craftsman enjoyed high circulation. Stickley’s influence on modern design has been felt throughout history.

Stickley Brothers & Co. In 1883, Stickley started the Stickley Brothers Company. He soon moved to Auburn Prison, where he would work with inmates. He is credited with designing the electric chair for the prison. Stickley and Simonds moved their operation to Binghamton, New York, where Stickley spent most of his time. After completing his prison sentence, he and his brother Charles decided to start their own business. By 1903, they had their own factory in the Eastwood suburb of Syracuse.

Stickley was born to a poor Midwestern family. His father, Leopold, had abandoned his family, and his mother, Barbara Brandt Schlager, changed the Stickley family name. Gustav and his four brothers grew up on a small farm, where they learned the skills of stonemasonry. When the family needed money, they resorted to making chairs. They learned the furniture business from their uncle.

MTS Seating

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