How To Choose The Right Modern Furniture

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Modern Furniture

Modern furniture generally refers to furniture designed in the late 19th Century through today that is still largely influenced by modernism. Modernism brought a radical change in the styles and designs of many products, especially those that are designed for the home. This movement was later criticized for causing several social problems such as rising unemployment, cultural alienation, and the lack of modernization in the workplace. Post-World War II idealistic views of materialism, minimalism, and reduction of individual material needs prompted designers to reexamine the cultural significance of furniture and its effects on people’s lives. These changes sparked the current interest in modern furniture among a younger generation who were more influenced by the theories of structuralism, surrealism, and postmodernism.

As the name suggests, contemporary design styles are influenced by the idea of incorporating contemporary technology into the design elements of a space. Furniture crafted in this era features clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and functional functionality. A contemporary style usually follows what the designer says in his or her statements. Examples of this type of furniture include sleek office desks, modular furniture, cabriole leg chairs, low office tables, and other products that use simple and straight forms and minimal ornamentation. The minimalist design styles are often associated with contemporary art and modern art movements such as the Dadaists, Futurists, and the New Romanticists.

Another modern furniture design style is characterized by the combination of vintage pieces and modern designs. Some of these vintage pieces are the vintage teak coffee table and chairs, a section of tables and office chairs styled like beds, a modern piece with an Ottoman, and an armoire styled with vintage pieces. Most of these products come in dark colors and some have beautiful carvings. Examples of vintage pieces that can be incorporated into modern furniture designs include chairs that are inspired by the chairs originally made by Louis Comfort needed for his hotel lobby.

Midcentury modern furniture pieces that feature geometric lines and bold colors include the Midcentury Modern Executive Chair. This office chair design is inspired by midcentury offices that were designed with streamlined forms and exposed ceiling beams. In addition to being chic, this office chair design also has a neat and sleek look that will fit in any office environment. This chair style is also accented with metal accents such as shiny hardware. This piece is available in dark upholstered fabric or in leather.

Artistic designs are another popular style in the contemporary furniture category. Examples of this kind of design are the Arte Modern Chair and Table, the Florence Chair, and the Olive Drab Tub and Sofa. These art Deco inspired designs can fit well in any living or dining room. The Florence Chair and Table are a simple and elegant design while the Olive Drab Tub and Sofa are a classic design that features a tubular form and rounded legs.

When it comes to office chairs, the contemporary style will impress anyone. These office chairs have clean lines that will match with any modernist home decor. Many of these chairs are covered with new materials that are comfortable and modernist in appearance.