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Best L Shaped Gaming Desk in 2024: Top 10 Picks to Slay the Game

best l shaped gaming desk gaming setup

Are you looking to upgrade your gaming setup? While many things make a great gaming experience, like fast computers and comfy gaming chairs, your choice of desk is important, too. The L-shaped gaming desk stands out as an excellent piece for creating a spacious and well-organized gaming environment. These desks give you lots of space for your gaming gear and keep everything neat.

In this guide, we’ve selected the ten best L shaped gaming desk options for 2024 based on their functionality, style, and practicality. You’ll also get practical tips for setting up a comfortable gaming area. Let’s dive in!

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1. Meet&Co Office Furniture L-Shaped Standing Desk

best l shaped gaming desk Meet&Co Office Furniture
Meet&Co Office Furniture L-Shaped Desk

Key Specifications:

Height AdjustableYes
Min/Max Height610 – 1260 mm
Memory Presets4
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Warranty1-3 years

The Sendi L-shaped standing desk from Meet&Co Office Furniture combines affordability, functionality, and quality, making it an excellent choice for gamers. Its spacious desktop provides ample room for gaming essentials, ensuring you have plenty of space for your monitor, keyboard, and other accessories. The L-shaped design fits perfectly into corners, optimizing room layout for gaming setups.

The desk has a minimalist design, and its beautiful white color adds a modern touch to your space. Meet&Co also offers furniture customization services, making it possible to request specific color variations to suit your personal style preferences. Adjustment-wise, the keypad operation is smooth and effortless. The desk has four preset heights, enabling quick transitions between different desk heights. The three metal legs are sturdy and robust, preventing any wobbling during intense gaming sessions, even when adjusted to its highest position.


This l-shaped standing desk is designed to be solid and sturdy, ensuring it stays stable even during intense gaming sessions. It’s also easy to assemble, meaning less time spent on assembly and more time for gaming. Its practical layout and budget-friendly cost make it a perfect option for gamers seeking quality and style in their setup.

2. SEDETA L Shaped Gaming Desk

best l shaped gaming desk SEDETA
SEDETA L Shaped Gaming Desk (Image source: Amazon)

Key Specifications:

Dimensions19.7″ D x 67″ W x 57″ H
Height AdjustableNo
Weight Capacity300 lbs

Sedeta specializes in home office furniture and offers a range of impressive desks. One standout option is their large L-shaped desk, which you can customize extensively. It measures 19.7 inches deep and 67 inches wide, offering ample space for multiple monitors and gaming gear. However, it might be too big for smaller spaces. You can choose from black, white, gray, walnut, or rustic brown colors, all designed in a sleek industrial style that fits well with different decor themes. The desk is robust and includes a CPU stand for a tower shelf or other accessories. One of its great features is that you can set it up as an L-shaped desk or rearrange it to be a regular desk, giving you flexibility in how you arrange your workspace.  

We love that this L-shaped gaming desk includes various accessories such as a pegboard, power outlet, LED light, storage bag, tower shelf, and headphone hook—all provided at no extra cost. Normally, these items would need to be purchased separately, which can add up quickly. The desk’s spacious desktop, combined with these handy features, offers ample room for storing gaming gear, study materials, work essentials, or any office supplies you may need. Moreover, the built-in charging station is impressive, boasting four outlets and two USB ports, capable of powering up to 6 devices simultaneously. This desk also includes RGB LED lights with over 60,000 colors and 29 flashing modes controlled through an app. It syncs with music, changing lights to match the beat, is perfect for gaming and home offices, and adds a cool look, especially at night.


The Sedeta desk is one of the best L shaped gaming desk choices, with its spacious design, strong build, and many extra features. It offers plenty of room, high-quality materials, and customizable options, making it a top choice for gamers and home offices alike.

3. Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Gaming Desk

best l shaped gaming desk Fezibo Triple Motor
Fezibo Triple Motor Standing Desk (Image source: Fezibo)

Key Specifications:

Desktop Size63″ x 48″
Height AdjustableYes
Min/Max Height27.6″ – 47.2″
Memory Presets3
Weight Capacity308 lbs
Warranty2 – 5 years

The Fezibo V2 Triple Motor L-shaped Standing Desk is a fantastic choice for blending practicality with style in your workspace. Its reversible design allows for installation in either left or right orientations, adapting seamlessly to various room layouts. It offers a selection of five desktop colors, including the charming rustic brown option, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of your office or gaming setup. With features like free wheels and hooks for easy organization and mobility of accessories such as headphones and umbrellas, it seamlessly integrates convenience into your daily routine.

Thanks to its triple motors, the desk adjusts quietly and smoothly to your desired height, ensuring stability whether you’re working or gaming. While its weight can make assembly a bit challenging, the sturdy frame effortlessly supports heavy equipment, making it a reliable fixture in your workspace. The desk’s three memory settings for sitting, standing, and customized positions cater to your ergonomic needs, enhancing comfort and productivity. The desk pairs exceptionally well with leather office chairs like the Ikea Alefjall Home Office Chair, creating a sophisticated and cohesive look. Although it lacks built-in cable management, the Fezibo V2 impresses with its robust build and competitive pricing, providing excellent value for your investment.


Overall, this desk not only meets your functional requirements but also elevates the look of your workspace with its spacious design and elegant finish. Whether for work or play, the Fezibo V2 is a dependable and stylish addition to your home office or gaming setup.

4. Fezibo Searcy L-Shaped Gaming Desk with Monitor Stand

best l shaped gaming desk Fezibo Searcy
Fezibo Searcy L-shaped Sit-to-stand Desk (Image source: Fezibo)

Key Specifications:

Desktop Size63″ x 49″
Height AdjustableYes
Min/Max Height27.6″ – 47.2″
Memory Presets3
Weight Capacity308 lbs
Warranty2 – 5 years

Another great product from Fezibo. The Searcy L-shaped gaming desk combines modern style with practical features, making it ideal for any workspace. It has a sleek design with an LED strip that you can adjust to 7 colors and different brightness levels, brightening up your room as you like. The desk’s ergonomic shape and smooth edges ensure comfort whether you’re working long hours or enjoying games, making it more than just furniture—it’s a stylish addition to your space.

It’s a good mix of aesthetics and quality, perfect for smaller areas. The desk adjusts from 27.6″ to 47.2″ in height with three memory presets and includes handy features like wheels for easy moving and a monitor stand that’s comfortable to use and has storage space. Performance-wise, the desk offers a spacious L-shaped surface of 63″ x 49″, giving you plenty of room for tasks or setting up a dual workstation. Its sturdy design prevents wobbling, even when fully extended, which is crucial for staying focused during work or play. Useful extras like the ergonomic monitor stand and built-in power outlets with USB ports add convenience and help keep your workspace tidy.


In summary, Fezibo’s Searcy L-shaped standing desk stands out for its practicality and style. While some users mention initial assembly challenges, its overall design and functionality make it a solid investment. With its durable build, ample space, and features like customizable LED lighting and built-in power outlets, this desk is perfect for creating a comfortable and efficient workspace at home or in the office.

5. Eureka L Shaped Glass Desktop Gaming Desk

best l shaped gaming desk Eureka
Eureka Glass Gaming Desk (Image source: Eureka)

Key Specifications:

Dimensions60″ D x 40” W x 30″ H
Height AdjustableNo
Weight Capacity200 lbs
Warranty1 to 5-year limited warranty

Eureka’s high-end L-shaped gaming desk stands out for its price and impressive features. It has a durable glass top with vibrant RGB lighting that syncs with music, and you can easily adjust it via a smartphone app.

This black gaming desk includes handy extras like a headset hanger and cupholders on each side. Supporting up to 200 pounds, it accommodates advanced setups like wall-mounted monitors and synchronized RGB systems, backed by a reassuring five-year warranty. Beyond functionality, what we like most is that the desk creates a dynamic atmosphere with customizable RGB lighting that mimics live concert ambiance. Its reversible design also allows for versatile setup options, and when the lights are off, it transforms into a sleek glass tabletop, perfect for a modern workspace. The 6mm tempered glass top adds to its appeal with heat and water resistance, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.


Eureka’s L-shaped glass-top gaming desk impresses with its robust build, innovative RGB lighting, and versatile design. Whether for gaming or work, its style and practical features make it an amazing choice for enhancing your setup with both flair and functionality.

6. FlexiSpot E7L Pro L-Shaped Standing Desk

best l shaped gaming desk FlexiSpot E7L
FlexiSpot E7L 3-leg Standing Desk (Image source: FlexiSpot)

Key Specifications:

Desktop Size63″ x 47″
Height AdjustableYes
Min/Max Height25″ – 50.8″
Memory Presets4
Weight Capacity330 lbs
Warranty15 years

The FlexiSpot E7L is designed as a motorized standing desk that fits perfectly into corners, making it ideal for gamers wanting to save space in their setup or home office. It has three strong legs that can hold up to 330 lbs, enough for multiple monitors and a desktop PC. You can choose to use a desktop from FlexiSpot or your own, and the frame costs $499.99 on its own.

Once set up, the desk feels sturdy and solid, providing a stable platform for intense gaming without any shaking or noise. It’s large, so assembling it in the room where you’ll use it is best to avoid moving it later. The desk adjusts smoothly with its triple-motor system, letting you change heights from 25 to 50.8 inches using three preset buttons. What makes the FlexiSpot E7L stand out is its gamer-friendly design. The strong steel frame and spacious surface easily fit gaming gear, making gameplay more comfortable and enjoyable. It includes a metal cable tray, but you can buy more accessories, like extra organizers, to keep everything tidy.


All things considered, the FlexiSpot E7L is a great choice for gamers looking to maximize corner space. Its strong build, smooth operation, and ergonomic design make it a smart investment for improving function and style in any gaming setup.

7. Autonomous Desk Expanse

best l shaped gaming desk Autonomous Desk Expanse
Autonomous Desk Expanse (Image source: Autonomous)

Key Specifications:

Desktop Size77″ x 64″
Height AdjustableYes
Min/Max Height28.4″ – 47″
Memory Presets4
Weight Capacity400 lbs
Warranty10 years

The Autonomous Desk Expanse isn’t just a sleek electric standing desk; it’s perfect for gamers looking to enhance their setup. Its minimalist design and solid build offer a spacious work surface that can be adjusted to fit your gaming needs. You can choose from black, white, or walnut desktops, each including a free cable tray. Alternatively, you can buy the frame separately and use your own desktop. Autonomous also offers customization options like wheels, power strips, and monitor stands.

With a height range from 28.4″ to 47″ and a width range from 42″ to 71″, this desk is flexible to fit various gaming setups. Assembly might take a bit longer than expected, so planning ahead for desk orientation is crucial due to the reversible panel. This corner standing desk can support up to 400 lbs, making it sturdy enough for all your gaming gear. It has a quiet triple motor and a strong steel frame, ensuring stability and safety even with heavy use. Adjusting the desk height is simple with its keypad, which allows you to save four different height settings. You can find your comfortable gaming position easily.


The Autonomous Desk Expanse is an excellent choice for gamers seeking a customizable and durable desk that meets their ergonomic needs without compromising style. It offers a reliable five-year warranty, making it a solid investment.

8. Bestier Small L Shaped Gaming Desk with Charging Port

best l shaped gaming desk Bestier Small L Shaped Desk
Bestier Small L-shaped Desk (Image source: Amazon)

Key Specifications:

Dimensions31.5″ D x 42″ W x 35″ H
Height AdjustableNo
Weight Capacity200 lbs

The Bestier L-shaped gaming desk is a smart choice for those who want a sturdy desk that saves space. It’s made from strong materials like MDF and metal, ensuring it lasts a long time. The desk has a large tabletop for gaming gear and accessories, keeping everything within easy reach for comfortable use. You can add extra filing cabinets or desk organizers to your under-desk storage rack. What’s handy is it comes with 4 AC outlets and 2 USB ports right on the desk, allowing you to charge your devices conveniently. Plus, it has colorful RGB lights under the monitor shelf that you can change to match your mood or gaming vibe.

Setting up the desk is easy, and once it’s together, it feels solid and doesn’t wobble. It’s compact, perfect for smaller areas, and more affordable compared to larger desks while still offering enough space for your stuff. The instructions are clear and give you four different ways to set it up, depending on your space and preferences. With its strong build and user-friendly setup, this desk is a practical choice whether gaming or working from home.


The Bestier L-shaped gaming desk is a reliable option with its solid build and functional design. It’s versatile enough for various setups and has handy features like built-in power outlets and customizable lighting. If you’re looking for a solid desk that’s easy to set up and won’t break the bank, this one is worth checking out.

9. Mr IRONSTONE Corner Computer Desk

best l shaped gaming desk Mr IRONSTONE
Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk (Image source: Amazon)

Key Specifications:

Dimensions50.8″ D x 50.8″ W x 29.5″ H
Height AdjustableNo
Weight Capacity350 lbs

The Mr IRONSTONE L-shaped gaming desk is a reliable choice for gamers seeking durability and ample space. With dimensions of 50.8″D x 50.8″W x 29.5″H, it offers plenty of room for your gaming setup. The modern computer desk is built with a strong metal frame and P2 MDF board, capable of supporting up to 350 lbs without wobbling, ensuring stability during intense gaming sessions.

What we like about the Mr IRONSTONE L-shaped gaming Desk is its robust build quality and spacious design, which provide ample space for all your gaming gear while ensuring a comfortable gaming experience. The adjustable foot pads add versatility, allowing you to customize the desk to fit your preferences and room setup. Despite its sturdy construction, assembly is quick and straightforward, making it accessible even for those who aren’t DIY experts.


Overall, the Mr IRONSTONE desk stands out with its strong build and roomy design, which makes it perfect for setting up a comfortable gaming area. You can adjust it to fit your gaming gear and room setup easily. Despite being sturdy, it’s easy to set up, which is great for gamers wanting a hassle-free upgrade. This desk provides great value with its durability and features built for gaming enthusiasts.

10. UPLIFT V2 L-Shaped Standing Desk 3-Leg

best l shaped gaming desk Uplift V2 l desk
Uplift V2 L desk (Image source: Uplift)

Key Specifications:

Desktop Size60″ x 60″
Height AdjustableYes
Min/Max Height24.3″ – 49.9″
Memory Presets4
Weight Capacity535 lbs
Warranty15 years

The Uplift V2 Standing Desk is not only a great choice for a versatile office workstation but also shines as an ideal gaming desk. You can enjoy its spacious L-shaped design and adjust its smooth, quiet motorized legs effortlessly, making it perfect for setting up your ultimate gaming environment. You will appreciate the ability to customize it with different sizes, finishes, and accessories like drawers and wire management trays, ensuring you can organize multiple monitors and gaming peripherals exactly as you need.

Safety is prioritized with anti-collision sensors, ensuring you can adjust heights without worrying about accidents. With a height range from 24.3″ to 49.9″ and a weight capacity of up to 355 lbs, you can comfortably use the desk regardless of your height, and it will securely support all your heavy gaming gear. The sturdy desktop remains steady under pressure, providing a reliable surface for intense gaming sessions.


Overall, the Uplift V2 excels as one of the best sit-to-stand desks due to its flexibility, durability, and customizable features tailored to enhance gaming experiences. Whether you’re setting up a comprehensive gaming station or need a reliable desk for versatile use, the Uplift V2’s robust build and ergonomic design make it a standout choice. Despite potential costs associated with added features, its 15-year warranty underscores its reliability and ensures lasting performance, making it a great investment for gamers seeking functionality and comfort.

How We Tested the Best L Shaped Gaming Desk

best l shaped gaming desk autunomous
Autonomous L-shaped gaming desk

To pick the best L shaped gaming desk, we considered all the features that would make a big difference in your marathon gaming sessions. Here’s what we focused on:

  1. Size and Design: We measured each desk’s footprint, figuring out how much space they’d take up in your room. Easy assembly was a plus! We also ensured there was enough elbow room for all your gaming essentials—multiple monitors, keyboard, mouse, and maybe even a controller holder—without feeling like you’re playing Tetris with your setup.
  2. Sturdiness: A flimsy desk is a surefire way to lose immersion (and maybe even a drink) during a close match. We tested how much each desk wobbled with pressure to ensure they could handle those excited moments.
  3. Comfort: We figured you might be spending long hours gaming, so having a comfortable desk was important. We looked for desks with enough legroom and a good height so you wouldn’t feel all scrunched up while playing.
  4. Adjustability: We tested both desks with adjustable heights and fixed heights. For height-adjustable standing desks, we saw how smooth and easy it was to change the height and how much range they offered.
  5. Extra Perks: Some desks have excellent bonus features like built-in cup holders, headphone hooks, and cable management systems. While these aren’t make-or-break features, they can make your gaming life smoother.

By considering all these factors, we narrowed down the list to the best L-shaped gaming desks that will transform your space into an ultimate battle station, whether you prefer a fixed height or an adjustable one!

What are the Benefits of L-shaped gaming Tables?

L-shaped gaming desks are super popular for a reason. They offer a bunch of advantages for gamers who want a fantastic setup. Here’s why you might want one:

  • More Space for Your Stuff: L-desks are big, giving you plenty of room to spread out all your gaming gear. Multiple monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and a controller can all fit comfortably without feeling crowded.
  • Do More Than Just Game: The extra space also makes L-desks great for doing other things besides gaming. You can easily switch between playing video games and other stuff like watching streams, making videos, or doing homework, all on the same desk. There’s no need to move things around!
  • Fits in Corners Nicely: L-shaped desks fit perfectly into the corners of your room, taking up less space overall.
  • Comfy for Long Battles: The L-shape design can help you sit better because you can put your keyboard and mouse in a comfy spot. This can help you avoid getting sore from playing games for a long time.
  • Stay Organized and Tidy: With all that extra space, the corner gaming computer desk can be organized. You can add shelves to hold your stuff, use special things to keep your wires tidy, or even put a mini-fridge on it to keep your drinks close by.
  • Feels More Like the Game: The L-shape can make you feel more like you’re in the game because your monitors and gear can be closer to you.

In short, L-shaped gaming desks offer a winning combo of space, comfort, and usefulness that can take your gaming experience to the next level.

Common Desk Materials for Gaming Desks

Meet&Co Office Furniture Gaimg Desk
Meet&Co Office Furniture Gaming Desk

There are four main types of materials commonly used for gaming desks:

  1. Wood: A classic and timeless choice, wood desks offer a natural look and feel. They can be quite durable, especially solid hardwood options. However, real wood desks can be expensive.
  2. MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard): A more affordable alternative to solid wood, MDF offers a similar look and feel at a lower price point. It’s also quite sturdy, making it a good choice for gamers who need a strong desk to support their equipment.
  3. Glass: A sleek and modern option, glass desks can bring a stylish touch to any gaming space. However, they can be prone to scratches and may not be ideal for everyone.
  4. Metal: Metal desks are durable, and they can be a great choice for gamers who need a desk that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, they can also be heavy and may not be the most comfortable option for long gaming sessions.

How to Create the Perfect L Shaped Desk Gaming Setup

best l shaped gaming desk gaming setup
Gaming Setup

Setting up an ideal L-shaped desk for gaming involves planning and thinking about key aspects to ensure it’s both functional and looks good. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve an optimal gaming environment:

  1. Choose the Right Desk: Choose an L-shaped desk that has ample space for your gaming essentials. Look for features like a sturdy build, sufficient legroom, and cable management options to keep your setup tidy.
  2. Optimize Desk Placement: Position your desk in a corner or against a wall to maximize space and minimize distractions. Ensure there’s enough room for your desk chair to move freely and for easy access to power outlets.
  3. Organize Cables: Use cable management solutions like cable trays, clips, or sleeves to keep wires neat and prevent tangling. Good cable management improves aesthetics and makes maintenance easier.
  4. Ergonomic Setup: Invest in a comfortable gaming chair with good lumbar support and adjustability. Position your monitor(s) at eye level to reduce neck strain, using monitor arms or stands if necessary. Keep your keyboard and mouse within reach and at a comfortable height.
  5. Gaming Gear Storage: Utilize shelves, drawers, or storage units near your desk to keep gaming accessories like controllers, headphones, and games within reach but neatly organized. This ensures you can quickly access what you need without cluttering your workspace.
  6. Lighting and Ambiance: Enhance your gaming experience with appropriate lighting. Consider adding LED strips around the desk or behind the monitor for ambient lighting. Adjustable desk lamps or smart lighting solutions can provide task lighting while creating a dynamic atmosphere. You can also choose a gaming desk with LED lights.
  7. Personalize Your Space: Add personal touches like gaming posters, figurines, or artwork to reflect your style and create a motivating environment. You can also use wall-mounted shelves to display collectibles or hold additional gaming gear.
  8. Optimize for Connectivity: Ensure easy access to power outlets and USB ports for charging controllers, phones, or other devices. Consider a desk with built-in power outlets, or use surge protectors and extension cords strategically.
  9. Consider Acoustics: Enhance your gaming experience by improving sound quality—position speakers or headphones strategically for optimal audio immersion. Acoustic panels or rugs can help reduce echo and improve sound clarity.
  10. Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly clean your desk and peripherals to prolong their lifespan and ensure a pleasant gaming experience. Dust your equipment, wipe down surfaces, and organize your setup periodically to maintain functionality and aesthetics.

With these tips, you are able to create a tidy, organized, and ergonomic L-shaped desk gaming setup that enhances your gaming performance and enjoyment while reflecting your style.


1. Are L-shaped desks good for gaming?

Absolutely! L-shaped desks offer a spacious layout that is perfect for gamers who need a lot of room for multiple monitors and peripherals, as well as a comfortable gaming setup. They also maximize corner space, making them ideal for smaller rooms.

2. What size L-shaped desk should I get?

It depends on your available space and how much equipment you have. Measure your room carefully and consider the size of your monitors, PC tower, and any other peripherals. Here’s a rule of thumb:

  • Smaller Rooms: Look for L-shaped desks with a total length of around 50-60 inches.
  • Medium Rooms: Desks with a total length of 60-70 inches offer more breathing room.
  • Larger Rooms: If you have ample space, desks exceeding 70 inches can provide ultimate comfort and sprawl.

3. What are some important features to consider?

Here are some key features to think about:

  • Material: Wood offers a classic look, MDF is affordable and sturdy, glass is sleek but scratches easily, and metal is super durable but potentially heavy.
  • Adjustability: Some desks allow you to adjust the height for ergonomic comfort.
  • Cable Management: Built-in cable management solutions like cutouts or trays keep your setup organized and clutter-free.
  • Shelves and Storage: Extra shelves or storage compartments can help you keep your gaming space tidy.

4. Are L-shaped gaming desks ergonomic?

Yes, many L-shaped gaming desks are designed with ergonomic features like adjustable heights and ergonomic shapes to promote comfortable gaming sessions. Ensure the desk allows for proper posture and reduces strain on your body during extended use.

5. Can I customize an L-shaped gaming desk?

Yes, many L-shaped gaming desks like the Uplift V2 offer customization options such as different colors, materials for desktops, and additional accessories like monitor mounts or drawers. Some desks also allow you to choose the orientation of the L-shape to fit your room layout.

6. Are corner gaming desks better than standard desks?

Corner gaming desks maximize space efficiency by fitting into corners and utilizing otherwise unused areas. They offer a larger surface area for gaming equipment while minimizing the footprint in your room.

Why Trust Us

best l shaped gaming desk Meet&Co showroom
Office Furniture Supplier Meet&Co Showroom

Here at Meet&Co Office Furniture, we understand the passion that fuels your gaming. For over 15 years, we’ve been designing and crafting ergonomic furniture, including gaming tables and chairs. We are not just an office furniture manufacturer—we create furniture solutions built for comfort, functionality, and peak performance.

Our team of experts pools their knowledge of furniture design with a deep understanding of gamers’ specific needs. So, when you choose the best L shaped gaming desk, you’re getting more than just a piece of furniture; you’re getting years of experience and expertise dedicated to helping you level up your game and your comfort.